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Festive Christmas tray bake

If ever there was a time we all needed a little Christmas spirit I think its this year..

So.. with a bit of time on my hands ; ) I started looking up some of my favourite things

that are easy and cheap to cook... The below dish was inspired by a recipe in Delicious magazine. Like most of the things I do there's always a little "artistic licence" and its a case of whats in the fridges and pantry at that time... Its such an easy and quick dish to do and as its basically a one pot dish you can prepare it before hand then just put it in the oven 1/2 hour before you need it.

To feed 4 people

Ingredients :

3 Red onions

3 Sweet potato

3 White potato ( med / large )

Couple sprigs of rosemary

Several whole unpeeled cloves of garlic or you could cut a whole bulb in two though the middle and put one each end of the pan

8 Sausages wrapped in 8 rashers smokey bacon ( Pigs in blankets )

1 Brie aprox 200 grams ( you can use more )

8 heaped teaspoons cranberry sauce

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

First off I cut all the vegetables into manageable size chunks, the potatoes were slightly smaller than the sweet potatoes so they were all cooked through at the same time.

Throw all into a pan along with the 8 pigs in blankets and mix well with olive oil salt & pepper.

Dot the brie around the pan along with the cranberry and the rosemary then finish with a final drizzle of olive oil.

Preheat an oven ( ours is a fan) to 180c and place the tray in uncovered.

Keep an eye on the dish and check periodically.. its ready when the potatoes are done which is roughly half an hour. ( check by putting a knife tip in.. should slide easily through)

Remove from the oven and serve !

You can substitute the sausages with vegetarian ones and use a substitute brie if you want to go vegan.

Its a very forgiving dish and you can add all sorts of vegetables to the mix..just remember to take into account the cooking times and size them appropriately so they all cook at roughly the same time. Enjoy !

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