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Mezze Style


Bring some colour , tastes and aroma's from the Eastern Mediterranean & North Africa to your event. With dishes from the Middle East ,Turkey and Morocco, Mezze is a perfect way to experience the regions tastes. Just added is our NEW GREEK MENU !!!!!!! 

Middle Eastern Mezze



Some of our dishes : Cod shakshuka style, Grilled chicken kebabs, Lebanese beef hushwee - Root vegetable tagine - Halloumi sweet pepper & red onion kebabs - Chickpea shawarma dip - Homemade Flatbreads - Mutabal (Aubergine Dip ) Israeli roasted cauliflower - Tabbouleh -Feta stuffed mini Lamb meatballs with pomegranate glaze - Persian carrot & radish salad - Spanakopita ( Spinach feta pastry ) - Morrocan chicken tagine . Imam Bayildi ( stuffed fried aubergine)

 Maghmour moussaka -Take a look at our instagram page to see some of our other dishes.

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